Humility: Knowing Who You Are

Father and son having fun on summer holidays

Many people think putting yourself down or lower than another is true humility. I’ve read posts from people who say, “I’m humble enough to realize that I’m not…” You fill in the blank. But that’s not true humility.

True humility is knowing who you are in Jesus. It’s saying about yourself what the Lord says about you. Repeating what God has said about you is an act of submission to Him. You put His opinion above your own.

I remember a song many years ago that went, “I’m just a nobody, trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save everybody.” It’s catchy, but it’s not true. And it is pride. When we insist on our own views over what the Lord said, it’s our own pride and non-submission to Him asserting itself.

The Lord said in 1 Peter 2:9 (NIV):

“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

If you are the King’s child, then you are royalty. Period. There’s no getting around that truth. Your pride should come from knowing who you are in Jesus. Your pride and confidence isn’t directly in who you are but Whose you are. You submit to what He says about you, and walk in that.

The bible calls us blessed, overcomers, chosen, full of the power of God, redeemed, forgiven, and much more. When we get a revelation of who we are, we walk in humility. But not only that, we walk in power.

Years ago, when God delivered me from depression, I had a vision of the Lord having His arms wrapped around me. While in His embrace, the two of us flexed, pushing our arms outward. When we did that, depression could no longer hold onto me. It slipped away.

Over the following four months, depression tried extra hard to take control again. I sometimes questioned in my mind–am I delivered? Then I remembered, no, I was delivered. God did it, and it truly happened. Depression still couldn’t hold on.

What stood out to me with this experience is that I didn’t have to speak to the devil that might have been trying to put this on me. I didn’t rebuke him. I didn’t even command depression to go.

The instant I knew that I was free, I became free. When you believe contrary to what God says,  you experience contrary to what God says. And when you believe contrary, you speak contrary. The minute I submitted to what God showed me, I was free. That’s why we are to be humble. Because we can’t see the truth on our own in order to walk in the liberty Jesus bought for us.

When we submit to God in our hearts, our lives become a lot simpler. Challenges get smaller in our eyes even when to the rest of the world they seem to be insurmountable.

I’ll give you another example of how submitting to God brings true humility and then power to change a situation. Mark and I were dealing with a problem a few days ago. The pressure of having this thing resolved in time weighed down on us.

I was tempted to speak out in frustration the worries and fears, the hurt and confusion I felt in my emotions. I couldn’t understand why this thing was taking so long to be resolved. I wanted to cry out, “Why, Lord why? Why isn’t it already over!”

But at that time, God had already been talking to me about what happens when I turn to Him in my heart and then speak that out of my mouth. More about that in another post. So, I decided I didn’t want to blurt out my frustration.

When Mark came home from work, I said, “I know Jesus is with us in this situation. I know He is right by our side, and that we will see His favor. I just don’t understand why it hasn’t shown up yet.”

In that instant, I sensed the power of the first part of that statement. Those words were a reflection of my heart being submitted to God. I know Jesus is with us in this situation. In my heart, God and me had settled it. These words were true no matter what the situation looked like.

That is submission to God. Not the words exactly but the heart-yielding that prompted the words. In that moment, I grew calmer about the problem. I felt encouraged, and I received hope that we would gain favor with God and man.

You can receive help and hope in a hopeless situation when you humble your heart to God. But it is more than just saying words. It’s a heart matter. It’s letting Him take lead in your heart. Then and only then will your words follow with power. And you will receive encouragement and comfort as you await the manifestation of the answer.

True humility doesn’t start with you speaking a bunch of positive words or quoting scripture. No, it starts in the heart, where you put aside what you think, and embrace what He has said about you.


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